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Male vs  Female puppy?


One reason people sometimes consider  a female vs a male is that they feel a female will be “sweeter” or more loving.

I personally believe that males, are usually more affectionate, outgoing and attentive, and seek your attention more often. They are very attached to their people. They can also be more accepting of other pets.  Most boys are easily motivated by praise and are very eager to please you which makes training easier.

Neutered males don't exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as "marking" or lifting their leg.  Boys who were neutered early (by 7 months of age)  don't ever raise their leg to urinate since they no longer have the  testosterone level of a unneutered dog. The housetraining of a neutered male is no different than the house-training of a female.

Another reason a female is sometimes chosen is so that she can wear bows and  can be dressed up.  There is now a variety of choices of clothing and accessories for both boys and  girls. 


In the show ring, both boys and girls wear the topknot and a bow in their hair.  Most pet boutiques carry clothing for boys as well as girls, including bows, hats, neck scarves,  leashes and harnesses, harness vests, shirts and coats for the boys as well as for girls. 


Boys are usually priced lower, due to there being less girls available.

How are your puppies socialized?

  I think socialization is extremely important and just one of the areas where a small breeder like myself excels.

A puppy that is not well socialized tends to not make a good companion so my puppies are  kept in the house (in my bedroom the first 4 weeks) and exposed to other people and sounds during their time here.
The more socialization puppy has before going to its new home the better pet it will make in my opinion, and of course I want my puppies to have only the best start possible. 
They are also exposed to soothing classical music and are handled daily so they become used to being groomed and having their teeth brushed when they are older

What  type of food is recommended?



 As of 2019 I have now switched my yorkies to  "Blue Buffalo-toy breed." It has one of the smallest kibbles available- not to be confused with "Blue buffalo puppy" which has a slightly larger kibble with little dark bits. 

 As a breeder, it is imperative that all my yorkies get the most optimum nutrition that is available, so I am always looking for the very best that is available and researching new foods.                                                   

           At the very least, Please avoid foods that the main ingredients are corn, corn meal or bone meal they are nothing but inexpensive fillers and very low on nutrition.

What type of health warranty is offered?
    One (1) year written health warranty. I do require that the puppy be examined by your veterinarian within an agreed upon written time period after pick-up.

Are  your yorkie pups started on house training?


Yes, Potty-pad/ News paper training. This is not meant to train your dog to never be able to go potty outside.  It is used to help young dogs while being house trained.  Puppies that are Potty-pad trained ( pads in litter box or newspaper) can successfully use a a pad and also go outside as they get older.


In my opinion, puppies that that come from clean and meticulous breeders are the Pups that seem to train easily with very little effort. Pups that will soil their own crate, and lay in it with no remorse is not a good thing. That is the difference a quality breeder can make!

So I start by putting a potty pads in the whelping box. 
 It is amazing how a young puppy will actually try to potty on the pad, even though they are just at the crawling stage. By 4 weeks old the whelping box is divided in half, and as they get older 3/4 potty area and 1/4 sleeping.After that I prefer placing the pads in a potty- box

Do You Sell Micro, Teacup, and/or Toy Size Yorkies?

Well...., sort of.  “Micro yorkies, Teacup yorkies, and Toy yorkies” are all adjectives describing the predicted SIZE of  an adult yorkie.  The actual breed of the dog remains the same,Yorkshire terrier.  

The terminology used can vary from Breeder to Breeder, so be sure and ask each Breeder how THEY define each size.


I define a Toy size yorkie as 5 pounds and up. A teacup yorkie is defined as a  3-4 pounder.  A micro yorkie is a yorkie that is under 3 pounds as an adult.  I don't breed specifically for teacup or micro yorkies, but I do get them occasionally.

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